• No Prep Mini – Lessons
  • Interactive Student Practice
  • Colourful space theme
  • Animated graphics, entrances and exits on slide pages
  • Sound effects and text audios
  • Fully integrated, phonics, sight words, grammar
    lessons appropriate for grade
  • Pace on each page is controlled by teacher or students (click or arrows)
  • L 1-10: Complete phonics programme
  • Logical step-by-step progression
  • Weekly lessons may be bought separately
  • Levels may be bought separately
  • Programme may be bought in its entirety
  • Supplemental lessons available for L 1-4

Samples of slides

Please click on the samples below

Kiz Planet, the place for busy educators to relax and browse through a complete program of no prep lessons in reading skills.

Levels 1-10 fills in the phonics skills gap for struggling readers and helps other readers to soar.

Sight words are learned in progression from Primer Level to Grade 3. Simple grammar lessons are introduced using the new vocabulary in Grade one

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