Program Director and business owner, Wendy Stashick, has 30 years elementary teaching experience.  She supervised and mentored novice classroom teachers, was a division director, workshop presenter, school board curriculum designer and master classroom teacher. In retirement she became intrigued with the idea of using digital media as a teacher’s teaching tool. After all, today’s students are immersed in the digital world. Let’s make it a rich and powerful education experience based on sound education principles.

There are 10 levels in a complete programme for Grade 1 and 2 beginning readers. It is also perfect for ESL students and those requiring remedial reading. Phonics skills, sight words and grammar are taught progressively from primer to Grade 3 level. In fact, this programe fills in the gap in phonics skills that many teachers have found are necessary for struggling and average readers. Although, the whole programe is meant to be a year of step by step lessons for Grade 1 and then Grade 2, each week or level can be purchased separately according to your needs. A 10 week “quick look” outline of the level is included in Week 1 of each level. It is also available on request at

Each Level contains 10 weeks of mini lessons. L 1-5 target Grade 1 and L 6-10 target grade 2. These levels can be used for remedial reading skills up to Grade 5 interest. L 1-3 and L 6 have 3 days of power point lessons a week, I day of extension or supplemental lessons and a set of printable, illustrated flashcards + each power point lesson has its own video for your students independent use. In levels 4-10 each week contains 4 days of mini power point lessons, printable illustrated flashcards, and video power points. The flashcards are for class and small group interactive practice games and for spelling word walls.


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